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Welcome to Boston

Moving to Boston is an interesting proposition. Friendly people, a rich heritage, and of course the Boston Red Sox, make Boston a great place to live. This article discusses ideas on how to find an apartment in the city.

Maybe your company has moved you to Boston, or maybe you just landed a new job. Whatever the reason, you’ll always feel welcome in Boston. Of course, your first order of business is finding a place to live.

There are many luxury Boston apartments available in the city. Finding an apartment in an unfamiliar city can certainly seem daunting. If your job is in the city, finding an apartment close to the job has many advantages. You may even be able to walk to work, which saves gas and wear and tear on your car. A great place to start a luxury apartment search is to ask people who live in Boston. Your coworkers can definitely help you here. Another good method is to seek help from a reputable realtor.

Real estate agents can not only find you a home to buy, but can be an excellent asset in your hunt for the perfect apartment. A Boston realtor is knowledgeable about …

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Become a Boston Sports Fan

Being a Boston sports fan sometimes reminds me of battered wife syndrome. You were beaten, but you kept coming back. You were given enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, only enough to ensure your devotion, but then you were sure and deeply disappointed. I don’t know why a woman will ever return to the cowardice of hitting her, and I often don’t know why I’m still a Boston sports fan. The Pats, Celts, Sox and Bruins make you want to love them, but it can sometimes hurt to remain devoted fans throughout all their chaos.

I grew up in a hockey family and my father was very loyal to the Bruins.

From a very early age I can remember him watching Bobby Orr and Esposito skate circles around other teams. By the time I was old enough to really understand what was going on, the Bruins were made up of some of the more amazing players like Middleton, O’Reilly, Pederson and Milbury. I used to love watching Boston play Montreal with my dad, but it looks like Boston is losing more than winning.

It’s great to see Terry O’Reilly beat other players, and it’s cool …

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