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Boston Best sports city

Each year there is debate about which US city is the most dominant in all the major sports leagues. While Boston has been in constant discussion this year they have truly cemented themselves as the best unsexable sports city in the US.

Let’s start with the Red Sox.

The Red Sox have had an exciting journey towards their dominating 2018 season. They last won the World Series in 2013 and since then have been decent but inconsistent. This year is very different from the acquisition of the slugger JD Martinez and the emergence of Mookie Betts as one of the league’s best players overall. The Red Sox was not only great this year but absolutely incredible. With the thrill coming from the back of the win and hot play with the Yankees, there’s no denying that there’s something special about this Red Sox team. When they beat the Dodgers in the World Series last October it became clear to not only Boston fans but the rest of the country that this is actually the best team in baseball. With hardly anyone leaving during the offseason the Red Sox are poised to continue their dominance this season.

Now the Patriots.

Everyone knows about Patriot and Tom Brady. Unlike the Red Sox they have modeled for consistency over the last 15 years squeezing out a total of six super bowls. This season is one of the firsts that everyone doubts the Patriots. There is much fear that Tom Brady is finally reaching the end of his historic career. The haters are so wrong. While Brady dint had an excellent year he was still above average and had an excellent postseason. On top of that, Sony Michel is capable of contributing more to his rookie season than anyone could have imagined. The Patriots beat the arguably more talented Rams team at Super Bowl LIII marking the sixth super bowl of the century. The Patriots are the best team in football. There is no debate. Stop doubting Tom Brady. Next year the Patriots are ready for another great season with Demaryius Thomas’ acquisition going wide.


The Celtics have had a great season but they are still developing in the playoffs after finishing the Pacers sweep. The Celtics come into this season with very high hopes following last year’s excellent season. While they finished seeded fourth in the East they looked like a different team in their first postseason playoff series. While teams like the Bucks and Warriors stand their way from the championship it is not surprising to find them struggling to play and possibly even win the NBA Championship.

Likewise the Celtics Bruins have appeared in the playoffs so far. Their 4-1 win in Game 7 against the dominant maple leafs with Marchand playing very well. The Bruins have a much easier path to the Stanley Cup now that the Lightning have been eliminated by the Blue Jackets. The Bruins are not the best team in hockey but they have an above-average chance of making the Stanley Cup if they continue playing the way they have in recent weeks.

There’s all the evidence. The Red Sox wins the World Series. The Patriots won the Super Bowl. The Bruins and the Celtics are both making the championship run. Find me a city that has had the same success as Boston’s sport in the past year.