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Baseball Pitching Tips: How You Communicate With Your Teammates Is Very Important!

Never neglect this very important part of playing excellent baseball. Throwers must communicate with all of their fielders, especially their catchers. As a pitcher, you will get tremendous benefits.

I can write forever about the need for good communication for pitchers with all of his teammates. This is not something that is taught very often but can affect the outcome of a baseball game.

What could be more frustrating than losing the game because a catcher was crossed out and missed the court because he thought a fast ball was being thrown and was surprised by a curve ball? Or lose the match because the infielder throws the ball while throwing it at the base where he has no chance of getting a runner anyway? These are just two examples of breakdowns in communication.

Talk on the baseball field and then talk even more!

Throwers can be of great help to both the catcher and the infielder. On a pop up or flying ball, he should shout and point. On the ground away from the catcher, shouting and pointing.

Talking about the ball moving away from the catcher and the catcher not finding the ball, this is what happened back in 2005. My son was playing the game and the catcher on his team couldn’t find the pitched ball on the ground he had blocked. He looked left, right, in front of him and behind him. Some audience loud mouth, standing on the side of the backstop shouting, “Left foot, left foot.” The catcher then looks down with his left foot and there is the ball, only about an inch from his left heel. Neither of the two runners on the base were able to advance.

People who shout loudly will remain anonymous. Someone I know very well. (Okay, okay, I can’t stop myself from screaming.) My big question is why don’t the players on his team scream that at him not me?

Perhaps because children are not being taught the value and importance of communicating with their teammates.

Five Examples of Communication For Throwers:

1. One of your field players makes a great game. If he’s an outfielder, point at him, give him a thumbs up, and let everyone see you do this.

2. Your infielder makes a great game. Walk half way up to him and point at him and tell him how great he is. Say something like, “You’re the third best baseman I’ve seen.”

3. Your field players make a terrible game. At the end of the act, he might very well hang his head. Walk up to him and tell him, “Don’t hang your head. You made 20 great plays for everyone you’re struggling with. You are the best around.

4. Your first baseman or third baseman will be near the fence to catch foul pop ups. Yell something like, “You have space, you have space.

5. The rollers are slow on the first or third base line and your catcher and fielder don’t know who will take it. You become one and shout the names of the players you think should be the football field. In a game of ball so close together, what could be more frustrating than making the two of them stop because each of them thinks the other is going to the ball?

Communicate with your teammates. This is one of the most important baseball pitching tips at Kazino Ekstra and is a big part of successful baseball!